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Haiti – FLASH: The United States no longer excludes sending American troops to Haiti

  • March 20, 2024
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Haiti – FLASH: The United States no longer excludes sending American troops to Haiti
20/03/2024 07:18:30

Tuesday March 19, 2024, during an event of the “American Atlantic Council” think tank in Washington, going against previous promises not to deploy American troops in Haiti, the Head of the Southern Command of the Armed Forces of the States -United States (SOUTHCOM), General Laura Richardson, did not rule out sending American forces to Haiti as part of an “international solution. ».

“I think an international solution, a solution that also includes Haiti’s perspective, is very important. “That’s why I don’t believe that a U.S.-only solution is the way we should go,” noting that the Biden administration is trying “to do just that: work toward an international solution.”

When asked by reporters to elaborate on whether U.S. forces could be part of the international solution, Richardson responded, “They could ultimately be, we will not exclude it at any time […] given what is happening in Haiti”

She also said the US Southern Command was “ready” to be called upon if called upon by the State Department or Pentagon, adding “ For the momentthe United States does not intend to send troops to Haiti […] »

Furthermore, regarding the risk of a massive migration of Haitians, she declared last week to Congressman Matt Gaetz, on the participation of the American amrine “The United States will deploy several military ships in Haiti, as part of ‘a response to a possible mass migration caused by the deterioration of the security situation in the country […] I have requested increased capacity to do just that. We are ready if we face mass migration”

Asked about allegations that the United States was considering placing Haitian migrants intercepted at sea in Guantanamo Bay, Richardson remained evasive…

SL/ HaitiFree

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Posted on 03/20/2024 5:28:23 p.m.
hi Ms. Richardson, we do not think that an American force would be a solution to the current crisis in our country, because Haiti is not the only country in the world facing this situation of gangs or political instability. So we do not we no longer want the intervention of foreign troops in the country. But we are open to friendly countries who want to give us a helping hand to train, supervise and equip our brave police officers to do the job better. It is not the foreigners who must tell us what is best for us. But it is the Haitians who must unite to get the country out of this slump into which it seems to be condemned.
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