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Haiti Grard Gilles, Tt Kale 3-SDP, will assume the rotating presidency of the CPT during possible general elections in 2025

  • May 10, 2024
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Will Dr. Gilles be the one through whom the scandal should happen? End of the trial for the squandering of Petro Caribe funds; relegated to the drawers of oblivion, any investigation into the disappearance of passport funds collected in the Haitian consulates and at the Haitian embassy in Washington; postponed indefinitely followed by the judge’s order issued on the assassination of former president Jovenel Moïse… The CPT, put in regular sections, announces many colors to come. All that’s missing is Ariel Henry to complete the picture!

Without any reference to the Haitian Constitution, the eminent members of the Presidential Transitional Council who continue to deny each other, finally decided to share power, without any of them having participated in any presidential election.

The text, dated May 7, 2024 and made public on Friday, presents a resolution from the Presidential Transitional Council of Haiti, emphasizing the need for cohesion and collective action to overcome the national crisis. It underlines the urgency of acting quickly and effectively within the restrictive framework of the 21-month transition period.

The members of the Council, who have already balked at the choice of a contested Prime Minister, undertake to take major decisions by qualified majority in the event of a lack of consensus, while establishing a rotating presidency to ensure a political transition stable.

However, the text benefited from a clarification of the concrete measures envisaged to resolve the crisis, and a more precise articulation of the actions to be undertaken to guarantee the general interest. In addition, a more in-depth analysis of the implications of the rotating presidency and decision-making mechanisms would have strengthened the credibility and clarity of the resolution, they suggest while the “indissoluble” majority bloc including Dr. Louis Gerald Gilles, of PHTK-Tèt Kale 3 and SDP-Fusion allies, are preparing to lead the group in the next general elections in 2025.


Cohesion within the Presidential Transitional Council is an imperative necessity to guarantee the resolution of the multidimensional crisis facing the Haitian nation. The urgency to act quickly and effectively within the restrictive framework of the 21 months of the transition period is a determining factor in the success of the mission entrusted to each advisor who collectively assumes the Presidential function of the Republic assigned to the Presidential Transitional Council. The concern to work as a priority in the general interest and for the well-being of the Haitian population leads the Advisors to demonstrate in all circumstances humility, a spirit of openness, self-sacrifice, and a sense of responsibility. and also pragmatism in decision-making. Thus, taking into account the crisis triggered within the Council, on April 30, 2024, and to avoid any dysfunction of the Council, it was decided by all the members of the Presidential Transitional Council signatories of this resolution, that from May 7, 2024 until the end of the mandate of the Presidential Council, i) In the absence of consensus, all major decisions of the Council will be taken by a qualified majority of its members, i.e. five (5) Councilors out of the seven (7) voting Councilors. These major decisions concern in particular the choices of: the Prime Minister; members of the government; members of the CEP; Directors General; leaders of independent institutions; Ambassadors and Consuls General, Boards of Directors of autonomous organizations; local authorities; commanders of public forces.

ii) That we proceeded by consensus to a rotating presidency applicable to the candidates for the presidential election of April 30, 2024, the first of which will be:

Edgard Leblanc Son (from May 7 to October 7, 2024),
the second Smith Augustin (from October 7, 2024 to March 7, 2025),
the third Leslie Voltaire (from March 7, 2025 to August 7, 2025),
the fourth Louis Gérald Gilles (from August 7, 2025 to February 7, 2026).

iii) The rotating presidency will begin on May 7, 2024.

The spirit of harmony and cohesion as well as the search for consensus are permanently maintained in all decision-making processes during the interim period. Given at the National Palace, in Port-au-Prince, on May 7, 2024, Year 221 of Independence

The Presidential Advisor
The Presidential Advisor
The Presidential Advisor
Louis Gerald GILLES
The Presidential Advisor
Fritz Alphonse JEAN
The Presidential Advisor
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