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Haiti – Holy Week: Reflection message from Lesly Cond

  • March 27, 2024
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Haiti – Holy Week: Message of reflection from Lesly Condé
27/03/2024 09:50:42

“Dear compatriots and friends from everywhere,
My brothers, sisters and friends everywhere,

At this time of the year when every Christian meditates on the life of Jesus Christ, the conditions of his death, and his triumphant resurrection, I invite you to look in a special way at the profound symbolism of these extraordinary events linked to the Christian religion. It is a time of fervent prayer and intense reflection.

The life of Jesus Christ on this earth is a perfect example of generosity and humility. In his infinite goodness, God chose this sacrifice in order to put eternal life within reach of those of us who have enough faith and perseverance to follow in the footsteps of his son. God loved us so much that he agreed to submit his son Jesus Christ to humiliation, bodily suffering and death for our salvation.

We are at the time of the year when all the lessons of humility present themselves to us in a message of love addressed to all of humanity. We only exist thanks to the love of the creator, and our solidarity with our neighbor makes us beings worthy of the love of the Lord. We must celebrate this firm solidarity which manages to transform the simple fragile and ephemeral humans that we are into full-fledged disciples, and proud heirs of this eloquent promise of eternal life.

The world is going through particularly trying days. More than ever, we have a great need for our Christian faith. Let us be humble and generous. »

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