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Haiti/Jean Dominique case: File blocked for more than 14 years at the Court of Cassation, deplores SOS Journalists

  • April 3, 2024
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Press release from SOS Journalists

Submitted to AlterPresse on April 2, 2024

SOS Journalistes considers scandalous the denial of justice observed in the handling of the case of the assassination, on April 3, 2000, of the journalist and political commentator, Jean Léopold Dominique.

The Jean Dominique case has been blocked at the Court of Cassation for more than 14 years; and it is high time that the judges of the Court fully assume their responsibilities so that justice can finally be done in the case of the double assassination of Jean Dominique and his guardian Jean-Claude Louissaint.

Indeed, before being sent to the Court of Cassation upon appeal by one of the accused persons, the order of Judge Yvickel Dabrézil was presented to the Court of Appeal on January 17, 2014.

The former senator, Mirlande Liberus-Pavert, and eight other people charged in the assassination, had rejected all possible compositions at the Court of Appeal of the capital as part of delaying tactics, arguing that the file should be transferred at another Court of Appeal, outside Port-au-Prince.

And since then, more than 14 years later, the Court of Cassation, which in the meantime had been rendered dysfunctional, has still not managed to rule on Ms. Pavert’s request to entrust the case to a provincial Court of Appeal. .

SOS Journalistes believes that this denial of justice has lasted too long and calls on the judges of the Court of Cassation to meet to urgently rule on this case which has been lying in the drawers of the Haitian justice system for 24 long years.

Impunity constitutes one of the main sources of ills and misfortunes of the Haitian people, who have suffered too much from it.

SOS Journalists calls on all journalists and all sectors of national life to join their efforts to put an end to this macabre reign of impunity in Haiti.

Port-au-Prince, April 3, 2024

Joseph Guyler C. Delva
General secretary
SOS Journalists