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Haiti | Menm penpentlan The show of the aspirants for the post of Prime Minister: Prelude to the 2025 Presidential election

  • May 16, 2024
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a note from the editorial staff

The candidates’ show: Reflections on the process of nominating the Prime Minister in Haiti

Haiti, marked by its cultural diversity and its stormy political history, is once again in the news with the plethora of candidates vying for the post of Prime Minister, which is neither constitutional nor legitimate. This proliferation of candidates for a single position demonstrates a lack of vision and commitment for real development of the country. A word to the wise!

From Torchon to Fils-Aimé, via Conille and other figures, this competition for a single position of head of government of the most impoverished and corrupt country in the Caribbean, reflects the complexity and challenges of the Haitian political system. . However, this profusion of candidates, we repeat, raises decisive questions about the viability and legitimacy of the nomination process with regard to the Haitian constitution of 1987.

This plethora of candidates for the post of Prime Minister, while it implicitly testifies to the democratic aspirations of the Haitian people, calls into question both a certain effectiveness and a certain stability of the State. In view of the possible presidential elections of 2025, this fierce competition could be seen as the prelude to an equally crowded presidential campaign, reminiscent of the setbacks encountered during the previous elections of 2010, 2011 and 2016.

This political cacophony must absolutely be stopped by Haitian political actors. There are more than 10 candidates for one post, this must stop at once! A consensus must emerge on the need to limit the number of candidates, both for the post of Prime Minister and for the next presidential election. The idea of ​​a single position contested by a limited number of candidates, representing various political tendencies, but without any known ideology being conveyed, resonates strongly with political observers and the Haitian population.

As the 2025 elections approach, Haitian political leaders must absolutely put aside their personal interests and unite for the well-being of the nation. True political representation requires rigorous and informed selection of candidates, thus limiting the fragmentation and polarization of Haitian society.

Stop this charade, you have gone too far. Meet in groups, representing no more than three political tendencies: left, right and center. Put an end to this charade. A position for a Prime Minister. And remember that the appointed Prime Minister will be neither legitimate nor in accordance with the Constitution.