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Haiti More than half a million dollars demanded by gangs to free American YouTube star who tries to interview terrorist BBQ

  • March 29, 2024
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Good Friday, March 29, 2024 ((rezonodwes.com))–An American YouTube star was kidnapped in Haiti by one of the gangs that have become its de facto leaders, while trying to interview the leader of the country’s best-known terrorist gang group.

Addison Pierre Maalouf, known online as YourFellowArab or simply “Arab,” had left his Atlanta home to interview Jimmy “Barbecue” Chérizier, the leader of the notorious G9 and Family gang that took over the government, according to Haiti 24.net.

But just 24 hours after arriving in the country, Maalouf and a Haitian colleague were kidnapped by members of the 400 Mawozo gang on March 14.

He is being held for a ransom of $600,000, and even though $40,000 has already been paid, the kidnappers continue to demand a large sum of money to obtain Maalouf’s release, reports the Haitian media.

As news of the YouTube star’s disappearance spread online Thursday, another streamer, Lalem, confirmed that his friend had been taken hostage.

“I tried to keep this a secret for two weeks, but it’s everywhere now,” Lalem posted on X.

“Yes, Arab was kidnapped in Haiti and we are working to get him out,” he said, promising that “he will be released soon.”

Mr. Lalem also shared the latest video that Mr. Maalouf posted online, in which he is seen in a hotel in Haiti speaking to his viewers about the dangers of being in the country.

In this video, Mr. Maalouf explains that he and his team had intended to go to Port-au-Prince, the capital, but had to wait until the early hours of the morning to arrive at daylight .

He also notes that Port-au-Prince is “entirely run by gangs” and that even if they were granted safe passage, “all it takes is one stupid gang member with an AK-47 for things to go wrong.” go wrong.”

On March 10, Maalouf had already indicated that he was going to “do another one of these trips.”

“If I die, thanks for watching what I did,” he posted on X.

“If I live, glory to God.”

On Friday, another YouTuber, Miles “Lord Miles” Routledge, claimed to have spoken directly with Maalouf using his captors’ phone.

Miles Routledge said Mr Maalouf arrived in the country with “fixer” Sean Roubens Jean Sacra to film the ongoing riots in Haiti, and was kidnapped just 24 hours after his arrival.

“Arab was kept in a cage in a location in the eastern suburbs of the capital, Port-au-Prince,” Mr. Routledge wrote.

“Its location is known.

He says there was an attempt to pay the ransom, “but it went wrong and, honestly, everyone went out of their way to help Arab.”

Britain’s Routledge then criticized the US government and the State Department for failing to secure the Georgian’s release.

He said they were “very reluctant to help him, even though Arab is an American citizen.”

Nonetheless, Mr. Routledge said Mr. Maalouf was in “great spirits” and planned to post a video about his experience upon his return.

“All we can do is pray for Arab and Sean, that Christ will watch over them,” Mr. Routledge wrote.