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Haiti: National network of Haitian mayors accused of kidnapping and murdering judges

  • May 16, 2024
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Condemnation of the kidnapping and murder of judge Verto Vertilus last May 13 in Lestère (Latibonit, north)

This document was accessed by AlterPresse on May 15, 2024

The National Network of Haitian Mayors (Renama) is denouncing the act of kidnapping for no reason on Monday, May 13, against Mayor Verto VERTILUS, who is the titular judge of the commune of Lester. The mayor was victimized by gangs operating in the area as he left his office behind a motorcycle to enter his home. And since then, no one has heard from the judge and the family did not know who to call to ask for an explanation of what happened to the judge. It was during the day on Tuesday, May 14 that the body of the judge was discovered in the weeds.

What’s more difficult is that the police are not able to find the rest of the judge’s body where it would be in the weeds. It is a loss, after all the sacrifices Judge Vertilus has made to serve his country’s justice system, that even a last tribute to friends and family of the mayor will not be given to him. It is possible for the bandits to dig a hole to put the body or abandon it in the woods for dogs to eat.

Renama is very concerned about the situation of the judges who are subjected to non-stop acts of kidnapping and murder these last days at the hands of men with guns. In this sense, Renama asks the authorities that are there to provide security to take all measures to bring to justice all those who participate in this cowardly, shameless act.

Renama will continue to ask all the judges to remain vigilant as it continues to demand
the authorities take measures to guarantee the safety of everyone without reason.

Renama believes in a better life for all people, all the mayors.

Renama promises all Mayors, standing as if sitting, will continue to fight for
working and living conditions have changed.

Renama advises them to be very careful the bad wind is going to pass over the country of Haiti where justice will be the only crow.

Long live Haiti!

Long live Justice!

Loubens ELYSÉE