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Haiti news video: Haiti’s population is over, it can’t wait for the future of piles and weapons violence… This is a short video from the United Nations Human Rights Commission

  • April 2, 2024
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Port-au-Prince, April 2, 2024 [AlterPresse] — All human rights are being violated. The country of Haiti has never known in its history the level of human rights violations. Since the end of February 2024, gangs with weapons are attacking, looting, destroying… many public and private institutions, faculties and higher schools of the State University of Haiti, police stations, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, businesses, shops, etc. It is a great humanitarian disaster. It’s an absolute brigandage. The population of Haiti is about The population of the country of Haiti can no longer wait before many acts of violence and weapons, which have great consequences on their lives. It is the declaration of the native of Austria, Volker Turk, who is the high commissioner of the United Nations Organization on human rights. Volker Turk spoke this way at the meeting of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which was held on Tuesday, April 2, 2024 in Geneva, Switzerland.

The international community must take appropriate measures to prevent weapons and cartridges from passing behind the law, to get gangs and weapons on the territory of Haiti. It is the recommendation of the native of Austria, Volker Turk, who is the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

On Monday the first of April 2024, a young man received a brown bullet in the head, in the area of ​​Dèlma 30. This young man died immediately. This happened at the time when many shots were being fired on Dëlma.

On Monday, April 1, 2024, 4 national policemen, who were in an armored police vehicle, were injured. Gangs with guns managed to set fire to an armored car of the national police. The national police and the military of the Haitian army faced off against gangs with weapons, who were maneuvering to use the space of the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince, to attack the National Palace on Christmas Day. All night from Monday to Tuesday, April 2, 2024, gunshots would be fired at Chanmmas. A situation that caused great tension in the neighborhood of Channmas, Port-au-Prince.

At the time of the big attack on Monday, April 1, 2024, gangs with guns set fire to the Small Seminary College of St. Martial in Port-au-Prince, where they burned several cars in the yard. It is not the two gangs and guns that have done damage to the small seminary of Saint Martial’s college, which is a school of the Congregation of the Holy Ghosts, the congregation of spiritualists. Many pairs and others, who were trapped in the small seminary of the Saint Martial College, at the time of the gang attack with guns, came out later.

The Rectorate of the State University of Haiti raised the voice against the attacks, gangs and weapons they are trying to do, since the beginning of March 2024, against several faculties and higher schools of the State University of Haiti. On Thursday, March 28, 2024, gangs and guns set fire to the Normal High School in Port-au-Prince. Gangs with guns ransacked and set fire to Enarts, the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Agronomy and Veterinary Medicine.

For a month, gangs with guns have been rampaging and setting fire to several public and private institutions, such as the faculties and higher schools of the state universities of Haiti, several offices and services, civil state offices, classical schools, pharmacies, hospitals, warehouse, shop, etc. On Sunday, March 31, 2024, they will loot the space of Loge Etoile d’Haïti, in avenue Monseigneur Guilloux, Port-au-Prince. Gangs with guns continue to set fire to many cars in downtown Port-au-Prince.

Between Friday 8 and Wednesday 27 March 2024, there are more than 53 thousand people who are forced to flee their homes, because of the terror of gangs and guns in the metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince, to seek refuge elsewhere. More than 60 percent of these people go to the southern areas of Haiti. It is collected by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In a message posted on social media, former police commissioner Guy Philippe, who was deported by the US government to Haiti on Thursday, November 30, 2023, after spending 6 years in US prison for drugs, asked the population to take to the streets to put it in the direction of the country’s politics. Guy Philippe criticizes what he calls the maneuver of the international community. He asked members of Ariel Henry’s de facto government to block the move to appoint members of the President’s Transitional Council. Guy Philippe says he is doing everything he can to take political power and he asks gangs and guns to do everything they can to ride him to political power in Haiti.

Guy Philippe’s statements and all the other threats of gangs and guns have left the population very anxious. Many people decided not to take to the streets on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, with the threats of gangs and guns that clearly say they will take the political direction of Haiti.

Ariel Henry’s de facto government has asked the Caribbean Community (Caricom), which is playing a middle-of-the-road role in the Haitian budget crisis, to send him a political agreement between the delegates in the President’s Transitional Council. The de facto governor asked Caricom to also send him a draft decree to appoint members of the President’s Council for the transition. The council of ministers of the de facto government said that it is expected to establish a commission, which will be in charge of handling all the steps for the president’s council so that the transition would take the political power without delay and in peace.

During this time, there are several political parties, among which have sent delegates to the President’s Transitional Council, who wish it would be a judge in the court of cassation who should take the political power, instead of the de facto government of Ariel Henry.

The United States government applauds the fact that the de facto government is ready to allow the transitional government to take political power in Haiti without delay. The statement of the new US ambassador to Haiti, Dennis Bruce Hankins, who spoke about the installation of the President’s Council for the transition, with the de facto minister of foreign affairs and the de facto minister of finance, on Monday, April 1, 2024 in Port-au-Prince.

Haiti’s budget crisis was discussed on Monday, April 1, 2024, between US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and the president of the Caribbean Community (Caricom), who is also the president of Guyana, Irfaam Ali. Among the elements of the debates, there was a move to set up a presidential transition council and plans to make a multinational force to deploy security on the territory of Haiti. This is what the US State Department announced on Monday, April 1, 2024. [ppsf emb rc apr 02/04/2024 13:35]