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Haiti-Politics: The PNPDH criticizes the inaction of the Presidential Transitional Council

  • May 16, 2024
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The Executive Director of the PNPDH: Jackson Pierre NOËL

The Executive Director of the National Platform for the Progress of Human Rights (PNPDH) Jackson Pierre NOËL, criticizes the members of the Presidential Transitional Council, affirming that they dwell more on their personal affairs rather than starting to work seriously to alleviate the suffering of the Haitian population.

The human rights defender who continues to support the CPT, urges the members of the said council to assume their responsibilities in the face of the growing phenomenon of insecurity, one of the biggest problems facing the population in recent times.

The head of the PNPDH asks advisors to provide the country with a Prime Minister and a government quickly, in order to be able to undertake concrete actions to begin to meet the expectations of the Haitian people.

Note that in the meantime, the candidates continue to parade at the Villa d’Accueil in Musseau, to submit their documents with a view to running for the position of Prime Minister of the transition.

Mackenson PHANOR

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