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Haiti-Scurit: 2 alleged gang agents including a police officer killed and burned Mirebalais

  • March 29, 2024
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The police officer Agent II, Alexandre Ananel and a former employee of the Provisional Electoral Council, Musca Michelet, were killed and their bodies burned on Friday March 29, 2024, by members of the population of Mirebalais (Center). Accused of being gang agents, they were intercepted by a vigilance brigade, in possession of a large sum of money which would be intended for the purchase of weapons and ammunition in the Dominican Republic.

THE HAITI FACTOR, March 29, 2024._Agents from a surveillance brigade apprehended on the evening of Thursday March 28, 2024, two individuals presented as a police officer and a former employee of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP).

They are respectively Alexandre Ananel and Musca Michelet, according to the badges in their possession.

According to information collected from several corroborating sources in Mirebalais, the two men were on their way to the Dominican Republic, in possession of a large sum of money reserved for the purchase of weapons and ammunition for a gang in Port -au-Prince.

After the intervention of the leaders of the brigade, Alexandre Ananel and Musca Michelet were handed over to the police at the Mirebalais police station, in the center of the country. This Friday, the news spread very early in the city until it reached the ears of members of the Mirebalisian population.

Aware of the presence of the two men at the police station, Mirebalaisians (nes) took them by force despite the opposition of the police, executed them then burned their bodies, several colleagues from the city’s press confided to the online newspaper THE HAITI FACTOR.

In addition to the photos of their identification badges, those of their lifeless bodies on board a “Nissan” vehicle with the license plate: AA-49 833 also reached us.


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Le Facteur Haiti