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Haiti The colonialist intrusion denounces: NEHRO-Europe contests the deployment of Canadian soldiers in Jamaica

  • April 3, 2024
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The organization NEHRO-Europe expresses its strong opposition to the deployment of Canadian soldiers in Jamaica, describing this action as colonialist and contrary to common sense.

Paris, Wednesday April 3, 2024 ((rezonodwes.com))–The announcement of the deployment of Canadian soldiers to Jamaica sparked an immediate reaction from NEHRO-Europe, an organization defending human rights and the Haitian people . She questions Canada’s decision, believing that it compromises the sovereignty of nations and goes against democratic principles.

While awaiting official confirmation from the Canadian authorities, NEHRO-Europe has taken precautionary measures and is requesting explanations for this action. She raises several points of concern, warning of the consequences of such a deployment:

Canada, as a former British colony, is criticized for its ties to the monarchy and its lack of commitment to democracy and human rights. This action is seen as an intrusion into the internal affairs of the nations concerned. Canada’s track record in international relations, including its disputes with China, India and Saudi Arabia, raises questions about its motives in this matter. The deployment of Canadian soldiers to Jamaica, supported by the Biden administration, is considered an attack on the sovereignty and stability of the Caribbean region. NHERO-Europe also raises questions about Justin Trudeau’s strategy and motivations in this matter, pointing to the lack of transparency and potential risks to regional security.

In conclusion, the organization calls on Canada to reconsider its position and engage in a transparent and fair dialogue with the nations concerned. It recalls the firm opposition of the Haitian people to any form of foreign occupation, emphasizing the need to respect the sovereignty and self-determination of the nations of the Caribbean region.

More questions than answers… “For these reasons, Canada is invited to revise its specifications on the Haiti file and place its approaches in the logic of a new UN resolution: in the face of the obvious obsolescence resolution 2699. This is a shared failure, necessarily leading to shared responsibilities, and even compensation.

“In summary, the Haitian people oppose any form of occupation, whether through Kenya, the United States, the OAS, Brazil, CARICOM or Canada… Whether it is disguised or disguised ! »

Haiti: Canadian soldiers in Jamaica to train CARICOM troops | Radio-Canada