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Haiti, the country with the cheapest mobile data in the region

  • May 29, 2024
  • 5 Min
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Haiti, the country with the cheapest mobile data in the region, according to

Contrary to popular belief, Haiti offers the lowest mobile data costs in the region. People tend to compare prices in Haiti with those in the Dominican Republic or Jamaica, but the reality is that Haitian prices are much more affordable, despite much higher operational costs. A study reveals that the average cost of 1 GB (USD) is $0.22 in Haiti.

Indeed, the financial accessibility of telecommunications services is essential for the economic and social development of nations. Telecommunications play a crucial role in education, commerce, healthcare and many other sectors. An affordable internet connection not only allows individuals to access a multitude of educational and professional resources, but it also promotes innovation and the competitiveness of local businesses. However, an analysis of mobile data prices shows significant disparities across the Caribbean and Latin America region, affecting people’s access to these vital services.

Recent data, published in a study by, reveals striking variations between countries in the region. This study analyzed more than 5,292 packages in 233 countries around the world. Here is a comparative analysis of the average costs for 1 GB of mobile data in some countries in the Caribbean area in 2023:

Pays Average cost of 1 GB (USD)
Haiti $0.22
Trinidad and Tobago $0.32
Martinique $0.33
Guadeloupe $0.49
Turks and Caicos Islands $0.59
Jamaica $0.70
Dominican Republic $0.79
Saint-Barthélemy (St. Barts) $0.80
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $1.05
Dominique $1.11
Saint-Kitts-et-Nevis $1.54
Saint Lucia $1.58
Saint-Martin (France) $1.58
Grenade $1.81
Aruba $1.85
Anguilla $1.88
Montserrat $2.26
Puerto Rico $2.58
Curaçao $2.68
Netherlands Antilles $2.71
Cuba $2.71
Barbados $2.75
St Martin $2.77
Antigua and Barbuda $3.20
US Virgin Islands $4.33
Bahamas $4.99
British Virgin Islands $5.24
Cayman Islands $8.39

Mobile data costs in the Caribbean vary widely, from $0.22 in Haiti to $8.39 in the Cayman Islands. These disparities can be attributed to several factors, including infrastructure, economic conditions and the level of competition in each country. For example, Haiti, with an average cost of 0.22 USD per GB, benefits from a very competitive rate, thus facilitating people’s access to mobile internet services. On the other hand, the Cayman Islands has the highest prices, which can be a barrier for some users.

In conclusion, Haiti stands out as the country offering the lowest mobile data costs in the Caribbean region. This reality, contrary to popular beliefs, underlines the importance of recognizing and valuing the efforts made to make telecommunications accessible, even in difficult operational conditions. Competition in the country helps maintain prices accessible to all, which not only promotes digital inclusion, but also can stimulate economic and social development.

Below is the link to the study

Haiti, the country with the cheapest mobile data in the region

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