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Haitian actress Nhmie Bastien, main character in a Mexican film

  • March 20, 2024
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In 2025, the talented Haitian actress and comedian Néhémie Bastien will be on Mexican screens. She plays the lead role in a film whose name has not yet been revealed.

This film highlights Néhémie, as Esther and tells the story of a Haitian family in a foreign land, notably in a forest in Mexico. This family is faced with multiple problems: repeated looting, rape and murder. Married and mother of two children, she showed bravery by fighting hard for her loved ones.

The twenty-year-old was chosen as lead actress following an audition in Canada. And this, thanks to his performance in “Freda”, directed by Gessica Généus, if we want to trust the words of the voice agent of “Meli Melo”, Amos César.

“The producer and director looked at Freda and showed interest in Nehemiah,” we can read on Loop Haiti.

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