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Halle Berry demands funds to study menopause

  • May 2, 2024
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American actress Halle Berry, in Las Vegas, April 10, 2024 VALERIE MACON / AFP

American senators, accompanied by Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry, presented a bill on Thursday to release tens of millions of dollars for research into menopause.

“Menopause must stop being a source of shame, we must be able to talk about this completely normal part of our lives,” said Halle Berry, known for her roles as “Catwoman” and James Bond girl, during a press conference in Washington.

To support this statement, the 57-year-old actress reported a recent exchange with her doctor, during which he did not dare to say the word menopause, for fear of offending her.

“Menopause is not a bad word,” added Senator Patty Murray. “And it’s not something that Congress or the federal government should neglect.”

The bill, presented by the influential Democratic elected official and a handful of senators from both sides, aims to strengthen federal research, training of doctors and public awareness on this issue.

The American president signed an executive order in mid-March ordering his administration to make long-neglected women’s health research a priority.

In particular, he orders federal agencies to “prioritize” investments in research on women’s health, which for example have not been included for a long time in clinical trials.

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