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Hati/Canada: To pay tribute to activist Pascale Romain

  • May 4, 2024
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By the Haitian Coalition in Canada against the dictatorship in Haiti

Submitted to AlterPresse on May 3, 2024

On Sunday March 10, 2024, we learned with dismay of the death of our friend and comrade Pascale Romain.

This sudden loss was a hard blow not only for his family, but also for the Haitian community of Montreal, and particularly for us from the Haitian Coalition in Canada against the Dictatorship in Haiti (Chcdh).

An active member of our association since its founding in 2020, Pascale regularly participated in various mobilization activities in support of the struggle of the Haitian people. Through her dynamism and sense of initiative, she was involved in the preparation of demonstrations, sit-ins, press conferences, and publication of articles. She participated in the main committees of the Chcdh, including that of mobilization.

This committee played an active role in the design and implementation of the various activities of the Chcdh.

Pascale was especially very active in field activities. She was generally at the forefront in the awareness units, distributing leaflets and pamphlets in several neighborhoods of Montreal.

She was one of those who believed in the fight for social change in Haiti. In his mind, this fight had to be waged both in Haiti and in the diaspora.

It is in this sense that she actively participated in the design and creation of a series of exhibitions, in tribute to the victims of state repression and gang terror in the different neighborhoods of the area. metropolitan area of ​​Port-au-Prince and the Artibonite department.

The exhibitions Stop the terror [[1] were not only a way for the Coalition to denounce state terrorism in Haiti, but they were also an attempt to give a face and a voice to the thousands of victims condemned to silence.

By putting her talents as an artist and art historian at the service of the struggle, Pascale contributed, in her own way, to the fight of the Haitian working classes and peasants for justice.

By espousing the ideal of the Haitian Coalition in Canada against the dictatorship in Haiti (Chcdh), she demonstrated great combativeness. She was also a woman of great sensitivity, very concerned by the suffering of the Haitian people and that of all people in struggle.

His passing comes at a crucial time in the fight for change in our home country.

May his life, his struggles serve as a model for all those who believe that another world is possible.

For the Haitian Coalition in Canada against the dictatorship in Haiti (Chcdh),

Renel Exentus