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Hati – education: The Carrefour Town Hall is launching a school catch-up program…

  • June 9, 2024
  • 2 Min
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Carrefour Town Hall launched, this Saturday June 8, 2024, a free municipal catch-up program for students in the 9th basic year and S4. The Municipal Council, chaired by Jude Édouard Pierre, wishes to fill the gaps of students whose academic year has been disrupted by recent events in the country. This initiative aims to provide optimal preparation for official exams.

The Director General of the Town Hall, Zavier Junior Degand, clarified during a meeting with the press that the courses will take place from June 15 to August 4. Six sites were selected to host these courses: the Élie Blaise, Catherine Flon, Marie Regine, Bicentenaire d’Haïti Colleges, the Pierre Samot Communal School of Carrefour and the Emmanuel Charlemagne Municipal Cultural Center. Despite limited resources, the Town Hall managed to finance this program.

Registrations will be open from June 10 to 14 at the CCMEC premises in Thor 12. Interested students can obtain more information by calling 3116 61 17 and 4339 44 88. This program represents a valuable opportunity for students to catch up accumulated and prepare effectively for upcoming exams.

Mackenson PHANOR

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