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Hati – FLASH: More than 30% of gang members are children

  • June 3, 2024
  • 4 Min
  • 14

Haiti – FLASH: More than 30% of gang members are children
03/06/2024 10:02:25

As armed violence continues to deteriorate the situation in Haiti, the United Nations estimates that 30 to 50% of members of armed groups are children (minors) who are subject to coercion, abuse and exploitation due to the ongoing social, economic and political fragility caused by the ongoing violence that has plunged parts of the country into chaos.

The situation of children in Haiti is dire. 90% of the Haitian population lives in poverty and 3 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian aid.

“Haiti’s children are caught in a vicious cycle of suffering. They are driven to join armed groups out of sheer desperation, including unspeakable violence, poverty and the collapse of the systems that should protect them,” said Catherine Russell, Executive Director of UNICEF.

Children are used by armed groups for different tasks, including as cooks, cleaners, delivery men, for sex or as lookouts.

Children are often forced to join armed groups, either to provide for their families or because of the threats they face. Furthermore, many children join groups after being separated from their families, in order to survive and benefit from some form of protection.

“But what these children have in common is the loss of their innocence and their connection to their community. The impact on every child affected is a tragedy that demands urgent action. Priority must be given to their protection and well-being, including by safely ending their links with armed groups, ensuring their reintegration into society and facilitating their access to essential services and assistance. » underlines Catherine Russell.

“The recruitment and use of children by armed groups constitutes a serious violation of their rights, and The recruitment of children of all ages into armed groups is a flagrant violation of international law.» recalls UNICEF

HL/ HaitiFree

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Posted on 03/06/2024 10:54:35
“Kokorat without race”. They are no longer humans. We don’t want them anymore unless they undergo rehabilitation. For reintegration it will take time.
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