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Hati – FLASH: The Council of Ministers is working on the rapid transfer of responsibilities to the CPT, BUT

  • April 2, 2024
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Haiti – FLASH: The Council of Ministers is working on the rapid transfer of responsibilities to the CPT, BUT…
02/04/2024 09:39:08

Friday March 29, 2024, the resigning Prime Minister Ariel Henry, received from the President of Guyana and current President of CARICOM, Mr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, the names of the 9 personalities to compose the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT). The same day, a Council of Ministers was convened to see what was the quickest way to proceed with their appointment.

The Council of Ministers stumbled over proven constitutional and legal issuesthe Haitian Constitution and laws do not provide for such a structure the creation of which must necessarily precede the appointment of the members who must compose it.

Sunday March 31, Ariel Henry received from Caricom, a draft Decree establishing, organization and operation of the CPT which was immediately transmitted to the Council of Ministers so that everyone could produce their remarks during a Council of Ministers scheduled for Monday March 1 april.

Monday, early in the afternoon, the Council of Ministers again considered the best way to create the CPT and appoint its members.

At the request of the Council of Ministers, the draft Decree was sent to lawyers so that they could finalize it and make it compliant with the laws of the Republic.

Furthermore, the Council of Ministers will ask CARICOM to transmit to it the political agreement signed between the different sectors which constitute the CPT. In the absence of being able to refer to the Constitution and the laws of the Republic, the said agreement will serve as a reference for the drafting of the Decree.

The Council of Ministers also wishes to create a joint commission between outgoing and incoming authorities, a commission which will include jurists, in order to ensure compliance of the Decree with the Constitution and the Laws of the Republic and to promote a harmonious and rapid responsibilities.

The election of the President of the CPT should take place after installation of the Council at the National Palace according to the draft decree.

HL/ HaitiFree

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