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Hati-Justice | Crime: RENAMAH, MEDHA condemn the assassination of the Justice of the Peace of Estre, Verto Vertilus

  • May 15, 2024
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The titular judge of the Estère Peace Court, Verto Vertilus, was kidnapped by the “Kokorat san ras” gang before being executed on Monday May 13 by his captors. In response, human rights organizations, judges’ unions and political groups condemn the act and call for a demonstration of justice.

The National Network of Haitian Magistrates (RENAMAH) condemns the despicable act perpetrated against the titular judge of the Estère Peace Court, Verto Vertilus. In a note made public, the president of RENAMAH, Loubens Élysée, reports that the magistrate, after leaving his workplace to return to his house in Dessalines, was kidnapped by the bandits of “Kokorat san ras” operating in Croix-Périsse , 1time municipal section of Estère.

After research began, the victim’s family was able to discover the inert corpse of the judge abandoned in wild vegetation. RENAMAH also denounces the cowardly behavior of the PNH in Artibonite who gave up accompanying the judge’s relatives to recover the corpse.

In addition, he invites the judicial authorities to work to bring the culprits before the competent authorities so that they can answer for their actions.

In the same vein, the human rights organization “Hands together for the development of Haiti” (MEDHA) operating in Gonaïves deplores the assassination of Judge Vertilus.

Outraged by the crime, the head of MEDAH, lawyer Michelet Dorgile, identifies the state authorities who evade their responsibilities as real “criminals and gang accomplices”.

Hervé Noel
[email protected]