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Hati-Justice: Journalist Ives Marie Chanel and diplomat Edwin Paraison challenge host Luckner Désir regarding the allegations against them

  • May 13, 2024
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P-au-P, 13 from 2024 [AlterPresse] — Journalist Ives Marie Chanel and diplomat Edwin Mardochée Paraison, president of the Fundación Zile in the Dominican Republic, summoned host Luckner Désir, also known as Louco Désir, to provide proof of accusations accompanied by insults formulated against them, on Wednesday May 8, 2024, according to information obtained by the online agency AlterPresse.

The host of the “Matin debate” program on Wednesday May 8, 2024, broadcast on Radio Télé Éclair, accused the exhibitors of “having collaborated with a foreign head of state to carry the name of Luckner Désir on a list of people prohibited from entering the Dominican Republic and against the interests of the Haitian people in the context of the canal construction project on the Massacre River” (Ouanaminthe, Northeast of Haiti, on the common border with Dajabón / Republic Dominican), indicates the summons.

This was addressed to Radio Télé Éclair and to Luckner Désir, star host of the show “Matin Débat”, broadcast on the station.

The applicants demand that the facilitator provide them, for legal purposes, with documents establishing that Dominican President Luis Abinader placed his name on a sanctions list of persons prohibited from entering the Dominican Republic, at the request of Ives Marie Chanel and Edwin Paraison.

They also ask him to transmit the names, first names and full addresses of citizens, able to confirm the veracity of the facts denounced as well as all documents authorizing him to make such declarations.

“Failing to have in this respect such respect as is legal, within the aforementioned period, my applicants will take into account his manifest desire to harm, to undermine the honor, dignity and consideration that they enjoy in the community and will do what is right,” warns the bailiff in the summons.

Through his public declarations, the host Luckner Désir also criticized the journalist Ives Marie Chanel and Edwin Paraison for “being submissive, loyal (souflantyou) of the politician Michel André and for being two thieves like him” .

Such comments are also posted on Youtube.

These declarations, broadcast during the program “Matin Débat”, on the airwaves of the Radio Télé Éclair station, aroused various reactions from listeners, viewers and Internet users, who commented on his interventions, recalls the summons.

Lucner Désir known as Louko, was interviewed on Friday September 8, 2023, at the Port-au-Prince prosecutor’s office, by the government commissioner at the civil court of Port-au-Prince, Edler Guillaume, for inciting violence and crime.

The accused had tried to emphasize the “merits of armed gangs in Haiti”, believing that such armed groups would allow many young people to have “jobs”.

Luckner Désir would not intend to glorify gangs, but to draw the population’s attention to this social fact, explained Mr. Arnel Rémy, one of the political leader’s lawyers. . [mff emb rc apr 13/05/2024 13:05]