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Hati – PNH: Resumption of the Gressier police station (videos)

  • May 14, 2024
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Haiti – PNH: Resumption of the Gressier police station (videos)
14/05/2024 10:03:13

Following the attack on Friday May 10, 2024 on the Gressier police station by heavily armed individuals, followed by a takeover of the building after several hours of confrontation with police officers from the police station, premises which they looted, vandalized and attempted launched a counter-offensive on Sunday May 12.

The PNH deployed agents from the Departmental Unit for Maintaining Order (UDMO – South-East), agents from SWAT and the Temporary Anti-Gang Unit (UTAG) who routed the bandits and took over the control of the Commissariat.

Following the takeover of the Gressier Police Station, the PNH has strengthened its security measures and maintains its presence in the Municipality of Gressier.

Firefighters are on site, along with police officers from different units, and are cleaning the police station while other police officers continue to hunt down the bandits in Gressier.

HL/ HaitiFree

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Posted on 05/14/2024 10:21:22
The PNH should have sent prisoners belonging to gangs and forced them to clean the police station.
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