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Hati – Politics: The CPT in crisis seeks a solution

  • May 3, 2024
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Haiti – Politics: The CPT in crisis seeks a solution…
03/05/2024 10:03:32

The decision of 4 representatives of the Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) resulting from the Collective of political parties of January 30, 2023 (Edgard Leblanc Fils), the Democratic Resistance/Engaged for Development platform (RED/EDE – Smith Augustin) and the grouping political Historic compromise, of the Agreement of December 21, 2022 (Louis Gérald Gilles) and the political party “Pitit Desalin” (Emmanuel Vertilaire), formed into a majority group called “Indissoluble Majority Bloc” (BMI) which designated Fritz Bélizaire as Prime Minister continues to fuel the crisis within the Council.

The Fanmi Lavalas Party denounces that the BMI wants to transform the Presidential Transitional Council into a pure and simple parliament by establishing a majority bloc. With this attitude, he fears that the 3 members of the minority have become mere observers…

Councilor Lesly Voltaire, representative of Famni Lavalas, denounces the desire of the BMI, apparently at the instigation of Jean Charles Moïse (“Piti Dessalin” via his representative Emmanuel Vertilaire), to have taken control of the CPT with this majority bloc relegating the 3 other voting members of the minority to the rank of simple observers

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) on his X account, expressed reservations about the procedure leading to the appointment of the new Prime Minister

In order to resolve the crisis within the CPT, a change in the voting method would be considered; in the absence of consensus, the decision will no longer be submitted to a vote by a simple majority (4 out of 7) as provided for in the agreement of April 3 2024 but by a qualified majority (5 out of 7) to avoid a takeover of the CPT.

Thursday, the Haitian Party Tèt Kale (PHTK), member of the January 30 collective, tried to minimize the crisis by affirming that Fritz Bélizaire was not a designation imposed by the Prime Minister, but only a proposal… and that each representative could present his candidate to be put to the vote. A dupe proposal which will change nothing if the voting method remains the same, because with 4 votes out of 7, the BMI will always prevail in decisions requiring a simple majority vote.

SL/ HaitiFree

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Posted on 03/05/2024 11:26:00
The Fanmi Lavalas Party is a cancer for politics, democracy, good governance and the development of the country. The members of the Aristide party are gangsters/mafia/unscrupulous who want to be in control of the country. They are involved in the political, economic and social degradation of the country. They do not represent the people, but themselves. They do not see the suffering of the people, but their position in government.
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