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Hati-Presse: SOS Journalists asks the next government to respect the rights of journalists and media

  • June 3, 2024
  • 6 Min
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P-to-P, June 3, 2024 [AlterPresse] — The organization SOS Journalistes asks the new transitional prime minister, Garry Conilleand to its next government to scrupulously respect freedom of the press and expression as well as to guarantee the physical integrity of journalists in Haiti, in a note noted by the online agency AlterPresse.

The next government of new Prime Minister Garry Conille must pay particular attention to strict respect for the rights of journalists and the media in Haiti, wishes SOS Journalistes.

It asks members of the journalistic corporation to contribute, through their work, to the emergence of a true democratic rule of law, where good governance and accountability become systematic and regular practices.

The organization SOS Journalistes takes the opportunity to denounce “the revolting contempt” clearly displayed by the outgoing de facto government towards questions relating to press freedom and the physical integrity of journalists.

She points the complacent and compromising attitude of the outgoing de facto government towards the government commissioner at the civil court of Les Cayes (South), Ronald Richemondaccused of involvement in the villainous assassination of the journalist and political commentator Garry Tess, whose lifeless body was found mutilated, Tribein the 4th municipal section of Les Cayes (South department), Tuesday October 25, 2022.

“The outgoing Minister of Justice and Public Security, Emmelie Prophète-Milcé, had, brazenly, decided to condone the arbitrary, even criminal, actions of Richemond, by keeping him in office, despite all the abuses against him. reproached,” criticizes SOS Journalistes.

The National Association of Haitian Media (Anmh), the Association of Haitian Journalists (Ajh), the entire corporation in general, spoke out against the assassination of journalist Garry Tess in Les Cayes.

The organization SOS journalists condemned the arbitrary release, on December 10, 2023, of Wilkens Thirogène alias Pouchon, indexed in the assassination of journalist and political commentator Garry Tess.

Without the knowledge of the investigating judge, Mr. Robert Jourdain, the government commissioner at the civil court of Les Cayes, Mr. Ronald Richemond, proceeded to release the accused, incarcerated for several months in the prison of Les Cayes, had criticized SOS Journalists, in a correspondence addressed to the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (Mjsp), in December 2023.

A false order would have been fabricated, from scratch, by Richemond to free this alleged author or accomplice in the assassination of journalist Garry Tess, host of a political program Gran they arebroadcast on Radio Lebon Fm, in the town of Les Cayes, missing since October 18, 2022, revealed the organization SOS journalists, in a note dated Wednesday January 3, 2024.

The organization SOS journalists criticizes the actions of Commissioner Richemond, which would be likely to hinder the investigation into the assassination of journalist Garry Tess.

Such actions by Commissioner Richemond “strongly reinforce the distrust of SOS Journalistes, as to the disposition and will of Mr. Richemond, nominal and effective head of the prosecution, to faithfully discharge his responsibilities dictated by law.”

The organization Reporters Without Borders (Rsf) and more than 90 Haitian journalists called, on April 16, 2024, for institutional provisions to protect the right to information and prevent Haiti from becoming an information desert.

“In 2022, six journalists were killed in Haiti, due to their professional activity. This is the highest number in two decades. Reporters are also regularly victims of threats, attacks and kidnappings. This increased violence is committed with complete impunity, in the absence of the rule of law in the country,” explained the Rsf organization in its appeal to the international community. [emb rc apr 03/06/2024 11:25]