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Hati, still neither governed nor administered | State of emergency declared in Port-de-Paix after prison escape leaving 5 dead

  • May 4, 2024
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Five inmates were shot dead and two others are still on the run, according to police reports released Saturday, following a prison escape in Port-de-Paix.

Authorities declared a state of emergency in Port-de-Paix where five detainees were shot dead and two others remain at large, according to police reports released Saturday.

This incident adds to the wave of violence by terrorist gangs which has swept through Haiti since the end of February, exacerbating the already precarious political and economic situation of a country which is “neither governed nor administered”. Haiti came under the control of the new Tèt Kale-PHTK alliance and its allies SDP, Ede, Pitit Dessalin and OPL.

The escape, which began in a 37-person cell block housing inmates convicted of violent crimes, led to a chaotic shutdown of the Port-de-Paix prison. Police spokesman Leonel Joseph confirmed that four detainees were shot dead while trying to escape.

Deputy Government Commissioner Jeir Pierre described the circumstances of the escape, highlighting potential negligence by prison guards. He revealed that a guard opened a cell door to help a sick inmate, giving other inmates the opportunity to force the door.

In response to this escape, judicial and police authorities ordered residents to leave the streets of Port-de-Paix, as explosions were reported in the city during the pursuit.

In this context, more than 4,600 inmates escaped from the main prisons of Port-au-Prince. Many police stations and buildings were also targeted, and police officers were killed or injured, according to a UN report from mid-April.

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