Haiti_Obituary: A sports journalist died tragically

By: Peterson Pierre-Louis

Recent clashes between police and bandits have left many families in desolation. When bullets rain down, collateral damage increases. This is the case of a young journalist from Écho News who died after receiving a stray bullet.

Nerval Pierre Viliat known as Vaval le Sage was rushed to hospital this Thursday, March 21 after catching this bullet in his abdomen.

_The news was confirmed by the media he works for, Écho News._

Aged only 26, the young journalist ultimately died this Sunday March 24 at La Paix hospital in Delmas 33. Despite all the efforts made by his parents to give him life. It was not enough. Another journalist victim of the chaotic and disastrous situation of a country in a slump.

Note also that many shots were heard in several neighborhoods of the metropolitan area. Also in Champ-de-Mars, Delmas and Pétion-ville. Which creates a wave of panic among members of the civilian population.