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Here is the complete list of the 9 members of the Presidential Council

  • March 21, 2024
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After a last minute about-face, the complete list of the 9 members of the Presidential Council will be communicated to the Caricom.

The composition of this Presidential Council was still pending until very late Wednesday evening because the stakes are so high and the protagonists from all sides are trying to get out of the game.

Because we are witnessing a political game in which each party will plead for its own chapel in the hope of being part of the winning lot. A lottery where the visible and invisible political forces will have to demonstrate dexterity in order not to burn their wings and convince his activists of the merits of his position.

Starting with the former elected official from the North, Moïse Jean Charles, who recently rejected the Caricom proposal out of hand, striving to set up his own Presidential Council made up of three members including Guy Philippe.
A few days later, the former senator returned to his position and his platform through the National Peasants’ Network organization submitted the name of Me Emmanuel Vertilaire to join the Council.

The second change comes from the historic EDE-RED-Compromis political grouping which initially chose Ms. Marie Ghislaine Mompremier as its representative.
But that was without counting on the moving speech given on behalf of Haiti by our country’s ambassador to UNESCO, Ms. Dominique Dupuy.

It is true that, since her last intervention, widely publicized and broadcast on social networks, the diplomat has in a very short time become an influential actor capable of giving a credible voice within the Presidential Council.
Asked why the group replaced Marie Ghislaine Mompremier when her name had already been submitted to Caricom, a source indicates that EDE, RED and Compromis held meetings and felt that they must make this change, emphasizing that Marie Ghislaine Mompremier “understood this choice and she will continue to serve the country…”

The Presidential Transitional Council is now composed of seven regular members. The Collective of Political Parties of January 30 nominated Edgard Leblanc Fils; Fanmi Lavalas nominated Leslie Voltaire; Dominique Dupuy is the representative of the EDE, RED and Compromis historique group. The Montana Accord chose Fritz Alphonse Jean, Laurent St Cyr was designated by the private sector and Dr. Louis Gérald Gilles represents the December 21 Accord.

Frinel Joseph and René Jean-Jumeaux, the two observers to the Presidential Council, were appointed respectively by civil society organizations and the Rally for a National and Sovereign Entente (REN).
Caricom now has a list of nine names for the Presidential Transitional Council.

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