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Here is the simple habit to adopt to improve your digestion, according to a gastroenterologist

  • May 7, 2024
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For many people, meals end in digestive disorders disabling. This feeling of poor digestion, which is very unpleasant for those who experience it, is often due, according to the medical information reference site Vidal, to poor eating habits, too large a meal, anxiety, being overweight, excessive consumption. alcohol or tobacco, or taking medications that make digestion difficult. However, an easy habit to adopt on a daily basis could help improve the digestion.

In a recent video posted on Instagram, Dr. Joseph Salhab, gastroenterologist also known as @thastronomiehdoc on social networks, looked at the benefits of walking after meals on digestive disorders.

Walking after meals would promote good digestion

Do you have the habit of slumping on your couch after eating? Know that this is not the right attitude to adopt when you want to promote good digestion, according to the gastroenterologist. Indeed, in his video, he advocates on the contrary to walk after the meal, especially after dinner. He explains that the fact “to be up and active helps stimulate digestion.

According to the expert, taking a “post-meal” walk helps to advance the digestion process, for example by helping to eliminate the feeling of being full after a meal. In addition, as the gastroenterologist points out, performing a digestive walk after eating “Yes will cost you nothing and will have many beneficial effects on your digestion.” This simple gesture also allows you to get a breath of fresh air and stay active. Walking also helps prevent joint damage.

How long should you walk after meals to promote good digestion?

A study by researchers at the University of Washington in 2013 found that a brief walk 15 minutes after meals was recommended, not only to improve glycemic control, but also to promote good digestion. Furthermore, it is not recommended to practice intense physical activity after meals, as this can on the contrary disrupt the digestion phase.


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