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Here’s how you can complete your account identification on the MonCash app

  • May 29, 2024
  • 3 Min
  • 16

loop logo

loop logo

Here’s how to easily complete your account identification process using the MonCash app

Twitter Monkey 29052024 010138 561913

Here’s how to easily complete your account identification process using the MonCash app.

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Visual : Moncash logo

Photo from the Canadian Embassy in Haiti.  Photo: Loop Haiti/Vladjimir Legagneur

Photo d'illustration : iStock

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The new Prime Minister of Haiti, Garry Conille.  PHOTO: THONY BELIZAIRE, AFP/Archives

After the Transitional Presidential Council chose Garry Conille to play the role of the head of the transitional government, yesterday, Tuesday, March 28, 2024, the former Prime Minister under the power of Michel Martelly reacted. In a public

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2026 World Qualifier: “I am not a magician,” declares Haitian coach Sébastien Migné

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The Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) reaffirmed its commitment to prioritizing the interests of the population by rigorously addressing the issue of insecurity plaguing the country. During the’

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Leslie Voltaire presents an assessment of the activities of the Presidential Council, between progress and perspectives

Weather report

The Haiti Hydrometeorological Unit (UHM) announces rainy activities in Haiti for this Tuesday due to the passage of a tropical wave over the island. These showers are expected in the afternoon and e

Former Haitian Prime Minister, Garry Conille.  PHOTO: THONY BELIZAIRE, AFP

The Presidential Transitional Council (CPT) appointed this Tuesday, May 28, 2024 Garry Conille as Prime Minister to lead the transitional government. Ariel Henry’s successor at the P

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