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How does Eurovision work?

  • May 11, 2024
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Twenty-six countries compete on Saturday in the final of the Eurovision contest, an annual musical competition broadcast live and followed each year by tens of millions of viewers.

Led by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), it is organized in the victorious country of the previous edition, this time Sweden.

Who participates ?

The 56 member countries of the EBU can send the candidate of their choice. Australia, where tele-hook has enjoyed immense success, has participated as a guest since 2015. Full member, Israel signed its first participation in 1973.

This year, 37 countries sent contributions, which must not exceed three minutes or include more than six people on stage. The main performer must sing live.

Among them, only six – the host country and the “big five” – ​​Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, the biggest contributors to the organization of the competition – are automatically qualified for the final.

The competition brought together 162 million viewers in 2023.

Semi-finals and final

The other 31 countries must first pass the semi-finals.

This year, the first, on Tuesday, had 15 participants and the second, on Thursday, 16.

During each of the events, decided by the vote of the public from the participating countries, ten of them obtained their ticket for the final show.

Those automatically qualified also went on stage to present their song but without being put to a vote at this stage.

How to vote?

During the final, everyone from the 37 participating countries can vote, by phone, SMS or via an application. In each country, a jury of five professionals also votes. These two votes have the same weight. It is not possible to vote for your own country.

Nationals of non-participating countries can also vote but their cumulative vote only counts for one “country”.

The results of the votes are only made public at the end of the program to intensify the suspense.

This results in a Top 10. The song coming first gets 12 points, the second 10, the third 8, etc.

Who to follow?

This year, the competition, which aims to be vigorously apolitical, was overshadowed by the war in Gaza, with more than 10,000 demonstrators protesting in the streets of Malmö against Israeli participation.

The young candidate from Israel, Eden Golan, 20 years old and with hair partially dyed pink, is given second place by the bookmakers who see Baby Lasagna’s Croatia as the winner.

Also to follow, Switzerland with the moving “The Code” by Nemo or France with Slimane and “Mon amour”.