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How many times should we wear our clothes before washing them?

  • March 20, 2024
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Verified on 03/19/2024 by Alexane Flament, Editor

Burning question! You have certainly already asked yourself this about certain items of clothing such as pajamas or even jeans. On the CNN website, hygiene and dermatology experts answered the question.

What clothes should be washed after being worn just once?

There is no rule regarding the frequency of washing your clothes. However, some clothes are best washed every time they have been worn.

This is the case for underwear, socks, tights, sportswear and leggings. This also applies to clothes that you have stained, sweated in or smell bad.

Systematic washing for these clothes is necessary because “they are on a part of our body that has an astronomical amount of natural bacteria. When we sweat, it creates humidity and provides an environment conducive to the development of microorganisms”, explains Anthony Rossi, assistant dermatologist, to CNN.

However, the proliferation of bacteria on our clothes can lead to infections, mycoses or other skin problems.

What clothes can we wear without washing them?

Some clothes don’t need to be washed every time you wear them. Thus, pajamas, jackets and coats or even jeans can be worn several times before being put in the machine.

The timing of washing is done according to your discretion, explain the experts.

For example, if you don’t wear underwear with your clothes, it’s best to wash them before wearing them because they have come into contact with your genitals.

Concerning pyjamaif you are used to washing in the evening before putting it on and you sweat little or not at all at night, you can wear it for a week without washing it.

THE jackets and coats are also clothes that do not need to be washed every time. You can wear them up to a month without washing them unless you wear them every day. In this case, it is better to wash your jacket or coat tevery two weeks, advises the dermatologist assistant.

As for washing your jeans, it is up to you whether they should be washed or not. If they aren’t stained, don’t smell bad, or you haven’t sweated in them, then no need to wash them.

Anthony Rossi recommends wash them once a monthwhile specifying that it depends on each person’s lifestyle and environment.

Annabelle Iglesias


March 19, 2024, at 2:52 p.m.

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