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It is important to burp your infant during or after each meal to expel any air he has swallowed during feeding or bottle feeding.

This air stuck in the stomach can cause digestive discomfort which will result in crying attacks, the famous colic! Here are some tips for burping your baby.

Place baby against you vertically, his head above your shoulder

Your baby is facing you, his chest is placed on your left shoulder. Place your right hand between the bottom of his head and the top of his back. Gently rub or pat his back until the burp comes out. This technique is even more effective if you walk at the same time.

Lay baby on your lap

Gently place your baby face down on your lap. Rub his back or lightly pat his back until he burps.

You can opt for this technique provided that your baby knows how to hold his head up alone.

Sit baby on your lap with his back to you

Baby is sitting on your lap with his back turned to you. Tilt his chest slightly forward (your hand is on his chest so he doesn’t fall). With your hand, gently tap his back for a few minutes to get the burp out.

Sit baby on your lap with his or her face facing you.

You can test this position if baby knows how to sit up. Place your hands under his armpits and gently bounce him on your lap for a few minutes.

Stop breastfeeding or bottle feeding at the right time

Some babies need to burp before their meal is finished. To know when to interrupt breastfeeding or the bottle, know how to spot the warning signs of an imminent burp: baby is restless, drinks more slowly or rejects the pacifier or breast. Once the burp has come out, offer the breast or bottle to your baby again.

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