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iciHati – 92nd CRH: Message from the President of the Haitian Red Cross

  • June 4, 2024
  • 3 Min
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iciHaiti – 92nd of the CRH: Message from the President of the Haitian Red Cross
04/06/2024 09:43:02

Message from Guëtson Lamour, President of the Haitian Red Cross (CRH):

“As part of our 92nd year of existence, I send my best birthday and health wishes to the Volunteers, Volunteers, Employees and Members on behalf of the Governance Council of the Haitian Red Cross (CRH) .

I reiterate my dedication, my motivation and my determination to work in all the actions of solidarity and humanity of the CRH towards people in vulnerable situations in Haiti,” Guëtson Lamour, President of the Haitian Red Cross.

“This year, once again, the CRH extends its gestures of gratitude by awarding honorary distinctions to the Presidents of Regional Committees, Coordinators of Local Committees, Staff Members and Volunteers at the national level. I therefore have the opportunity to further congratulate them for the exceptional work accomplished during 2023, in extremely difficult conditions. […]

In my capacity as President of the National Society of the Haitian Red Cross, I have the great honor of asking all our Members in their title, function and quality to form a chain of union around our dear National Society and continue to find the synergy necessary to fully and effectively accomplish our humanitarian mandate. »

IH/ iciHaïti

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