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iciHati – Cap-Hatien: Note to the staff of the customs office closed by bandits

  • May 16, 2024
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iciHaiti – Cap-Haïtien: Note to the staff of the customs office closed by bandits
16/05/2024 09:19:32

Julcène Edouard, Director General of the General Administration of Customs (AGD), in a note dated May 14, strongly deplores the panic situation that the staff of the Customs Office of Cap-Haitien had to face the day before and the members of the Commission responsible for contributing to strengthening the control capacities of this Office during the attack of heavily armed individuals https://www.haitilibre.com/article-42328-haiti-flash-des- hommes-lourdement -arms-close-the-customs-office-of-cap-haitien.html

“Dear colleagues, in the exercise of your duties, you all had to endure threats from unidentified individuals who brutally closed the doors of the Customs Office, unhappy with the presence of this Commission created following the significant seizure of firearms and ammunition which took place at Cap-Haïtien customs on April 5, 2024 https://www.haitilibre.com/article-42067-haiti-flash-cap-haitien -seizure-of-weapons-and-ammunition-2-men-searched.html

Taking into account the fact that these acts of violence can affect you emotionally and/or psychologically and knowing that these individuals are carrying out an operation called: “Chache nèg Pètoprens”, which mainly targets the members of the Commission, the General Directorate of the AGD would like to send you this note to assure you of its full support, it promises you that it is working to remedy this critical situation as quickly as possible.

The General Management of the AGD asks you to continue to count on its usual commitment to supporting you in all situations, whether good or bad. She encourages Commission members to take cover and urges you all to remain calm and exercise caution. »

IH/ iciHaïti

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