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iciHati – RSF: Press freedom, Hati 93rd in the world

  • May 4, 2024
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iciHaiti – RSF: Press freedom, Haiti 93rd in the world…
04/05/2024 09:38:40

In Reporter Sans Frontière’s 2024 world press freedom rankings, Haiti is ranked 93rd out of 180 countries (advanced 6 places) with an overall score of 55.92. For the record in 2022 Haiti was ranked 70th.

Concerning Haiti, the report underlines “ Haitian journalists are victims of a cruel lack of financial resources, lack of support from institutions and difficult access to information. Since 2021, they have also been the target of gangs and are regularly victims of threats, attacks, kidnapping or assassinations, with complete impunity. Since the fall of Ariel Henry’s government in March 2024, journalism has been even more caught between a wave of widespread violence and the social, economic and political crisis. […] As gang control expands over the capital, Port-au-Prince, journalists find themselves confined to a few neighborhoods where they can still carry out their activity, not without risk. […] »

TOP 3 countries with the greatest press freedom:
1st – Norway (91.89)
2e – Denmark (89,5)
3rd – Sweden (88.32)

TOP 3 worst countries in terms of press freedom:
178e Afghanistan (19,09)
179th Syria (17.41)
180th Eritrea (1.64)

On the security index Haiti is ranked 131st and the Dominican Republic 95th

The United States drops 10 places to 55th (66.59) and Russia is 162nd (29.86)
The Dominican Republic is ranked 35th with an overall score of 73.89 (advanced by 8 places)

Download the complete ranking of the 189 countries: https://www.haitilibre.com/docs/rsf-2024.pdf


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