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iciHati – Special D1 Championship: Complete results of the first 4 days

  • March 25, 2024
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iciHaiti – Special D1 Championship: Complete results of the first 4 days
25/03/2024 09:06:27

Sunday March 24, 2024, the 4th day of the Special National Championship (CSN) of the first division (D1) continued with the entry into the running of the Haitian Racing Club traveling to Les Cayes, against Juventus FC. Racing won [1-2] thanks to a double from Michel Alix 38′ and 90’+4 against a goal from Romelus Anderson in the last moments of the match for the Cayens.

In other meetings, at Parc Résigné in Milot, Real Hope FA after its success [1-2] against RFC last Thursday easily won 2-0 against Football Inter Club Association (FICA). Mackenson Fenelon scored the two goals in the 58th minute from a penalty and in the 58th (sp) and 86th minute.

In Ouanaminthe, the local team which hosted Racing FC des Gonaïves failed to win. Both teams ended with a draw. [0-0]

At Parc Levelt (Saint Marc), Baltimore SC, which faced Cosmopolite FC, won a victory. At a minimum [1-0] thanks to a goal in the 65th minute from Adelson Bélizaire.

Remember the 0-0 draw between Tempête FC de Saint Marc and Union Sportive Rivartibonitienne (USR) yesterday Saturday at Parc Levelt.

Results 4th day:
Juventus FC vs Racing CG [1-2]
Real Hope FA vs FICA [2-0]
Ouanaminthe FC vs Racing FC [0-0]
Cosmopolite SC vs Baltimor SC [0-1]
Tempête FC vs USR [0-0] https://www.haitilibre.com/article-41962-haiti-actualite-zapping.html

Results 3rd day: https://www.icihaiti.com/article-41912-icihaiti-championnat-special-d1-resultats-3eme-journee-partiels.html
Triomphe AC vs US Riveartibonitienne [1-0]
America FC vs Juventus [1-0].
FICA vs ASC [1-1]
Baltimore SC vs TEMPETE FC [0-0]
Racing FC vs Real Hope [1-2]

2nd day results: https://www.icihaiti.com/article-41893-icihaiti-championnat-special-d1-2eme-journee-resultats-complet.html
Racing FC vs l’Association Sportive Capoise [2-0]
US Rive Artibonitienne vs Baltimore Sportif Club [1-0]
Cavaly AS vs America FC [3-3]
Triomphe AC vs Cosmopolites SC [1-1].

1st day results:
Cosmopolites SC vs Tempête AC 1-0 https://www.icihaiti.com/article-41850-icihaiti-championnat-special-d1-victoire-des-cosmopolites-sc-[1-0]-at-the-expense-of-the-storm-fc.html
America vs Violette (match not played)
AS Capoise vs Real Hope [1-0 ]
Ouanaminthe vs FICA des Cayes [1-0]
Cavaly vs Juventus [1-0]

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