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Impulse phobias: what you need to know about these intrusive thoughts, according to a psychologist

  • March 22, 2024
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Fear of causing an accident or throwing yourself under a train… These intrusive and obsessive thoughts which can arise at any time are due to an obsessive compulsive disorder called impulse phobia. In an Instagram post, a psychologist spoke about this little-talked about phobia.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) relatively little known, the impulse phobia yet makes life impossible for people who suffer from it. This phobia is characterized by the fear of losing self-control by committing “violent, transgressive, dangerous and reprehensible acts against oneself or someone else”, as psychologist Amélia Lobbé explains in an Instagram post. So, people with this disorder are beset by intrusive thoughts, which impose themselves on them in an obsessive manner. The psychologist, also known as @amelia.psychologue on social media, highlighted information you need to know about impulse phobias.

What do you need to know about impulse phobias?

As the psychologist explains in her publication, impulse phobias correspond to intrusive thoughts that take the form of predictions that you will commit extremely immoral acts such as “throw yourself out of a window, stab or attack someone, harm your own child or other children”cites the psychologist as an example. “Suffering from impulse phobia is very difficult on a daily basis because there is not much that reassures you,” she comments. Anxiety that it generates is also very difficult to live with. Furthermore, these intrusive thoughts impose themselves on people who suffer from them despite their will. They go against their moral values, their true desires and their real motivations, indicates the psychologist. We then call them egodystonic thoughts, because they are at odds with our perception of ourselves.

Impulse phobia: obsessive thoughts that do not reflect reality

This disorder makes the lives of people affected by it hell. In fact, he makes them feel like a bad and dangerous person. However, the psychologist wants to be reassuring in her publication, in fact, it explains that even if “These thoughts seem to have truth value, they actually do not represent who you are and what you really want at all.” According to her, these thoughts are even the opposite of what you are. “It’s as if your brain tells you which actions disgust you the most.” she indicates. But then, how to treat this disorder? To cope, the psychologist mentions the need to follow cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). In fact, it is better to face your anxiety rather than avoid it, because the more you want to escape it, the more these obsessive thoughts will be present. Likewise, if you do not consult a health professional, this phobia can have repercussions on your life or your relationships with others, adds the psychologist. For some people, treatment for this disorder involves a medication prescription from a doctor. The most important thing is to tell yourself that “we can get through this”, concludes the psychologist.

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