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Insecurity: soon the bandits will stop dictating their law, reacts the Presidential Council after the attack of the Gressier bandits

  • May 13, 2024
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The reaction of the presidential transitional council was expected following the bandits’ attack on the Gressier sub-police station. In a press release made public this Monday, May 13, 2024 bearing the signature of Edgard Leblanc Fils, the Council said it was outraged after the action of the armed men, chased away yesterday by the police who regained control of the situation. “Soon the bandits will stop dictating their law,” promises the CPT which announces the formation of the National Security Council shortly, according to the wish of the agreement of April 3.

The Presidential Council believes that this event demonstrates once again that the absolute priority is to eradicate banditry in the country, therefore to ensure security. He says he is convinced that it is his responsibility to guarantee the security of every person living in the country.

After the attack in Gressier, the Council said it contacted the competent authorities and gave instructions to the police chief to regain control of the situation and take all necessary measures to ensure that such acts do not happen again anywhere in the country. country. “It is clear that there is great panic among the bandits”, estimates the CPT, guaranteeing that “soon the bandits will stop dictating their law”.

The Presidential Council firmly believes that the problem of insecurity will be resolved. “Bandits have only one option: lay down their weapons and surrender to justice,” insists the CPT.

The April 3 agreement provides for the formation of the National Security Council. Days later, no implementation has been made. The Presidential Council reiterates its commitment to putting this structure in place, thanking the population for “their maturity and patience”.

This structure will have to coordinate relations between the PNH, the FADH and international support in the field of security. An association which will be a “real war machine against bandits of all kinds in the country”.

Furthermore, the Transitional Presidential Council calls on the population not to let themselves be led by “any diversion, provocation or confusion propagated on social networks by those who have been committing acts against them for a long time”.

” No ! A criminal’s place is in prison. We must denounce them,” concludes the Presidential Council, calling for collaboration between the entire population and the forces because the battle against insecurity, she says, is that of all those who are not bandits and who are not in collusion with the latter.

By: Daniel Zéphyr

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Gazette Haiti