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It was Ariel Henry himself who recommended closing the border, reveals Luis Abinader during the electoral campaign

  • May 9, 2024
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According to the Presidencia de la Republica Dominicana, El Pdte. Luis Abinader received the “Chairman’s Award for Leadership in the Americas” at the 54th Annual Washington Conference on the Americas for “his remarkable efforts in fighting corruption and strengthening security and democracy.”

It is no secret for Haitians that Dr. Ariel Henry, who governed the country in total indifference, letting terrorist bands multiply the “lost territories”, underlines Dr. Josue Renaud of the NEHRO, “did not displayed no sense of patriotism,” when he learned of the Dominican president’s shocking and degrading revelations about Henry’s behavior as a “slave.”

“It was Mr. Ariel Henry himself who recommended that I close the border to hinder the construction of the canal,” revealed Luis Abinader in the middle of the electoral campaign.

The Dominican newspaper Acento, which reported this information, did not however specify whether the former PM of Haiti, in golden exile not far from Disney World in California, will be entitled to a defense or right of reply, taking into account of the seriousness of such a statement, which assimilates him to a true “conze” in every sense of the word.

Let us remember that the brave Haitians of Ouanaminthe had to face many difficulties to achieve the construction of this canal (KPK) which is so beneficial for the agriculture of the plain.

It is also worth noting that the de facto environment minister, who is virtually still in office and whose chief of staff was promoted to the CPT, subtly used his influence to derail the project, which is still in object of criticism today.