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jCNE case: Cholzer Chancy released after his hearing by a new judge

  • March 27, 2024
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Former deputy and president of the lower house Cholzer Chancy has just been released by the new judge in charge of the case Merlan Bélabre. The former deputy for the town of Ennery will have spent two months in prison after being arrested by judge Al Duniel Dimanche who was investigating the corruption case at the CNE.
The former parliamentarian will have to return to the judge’s office next Tuesday for a confrontation with the director of the CNE Kinston Louis.

He was released following a request for release of the arrest warrant produced by his lawyer Fanfan Guérilus. Transferred to the Delmas 33 police station after the attack on the National Penitentiary on March 2, Cholzer Chancy had to be hospitalized following the worsening of his state of health.

He is one of the rare former state dignitaries to have agreed to answer the judge’s questions. He justified his decision by the fact that he has nothing to reproach himself for in this matter. His name does not even appear in the ULCC investigation report on the CNE.

It should be recalled that former investigating judge Al Duniel Dimanche in an order dated January 16, 2024, had issued international warrants and asked Interpol to arrest more than 40 former senior state officials and ex-parliamentarians, including Michel Martelly, Jocelerme Privert, Jean Max Bellerive, Jean Henry Céant, Marie Carmelle Jean Mary, Wilson Laleau, Michelle Duvivier Pierre-Louis, Joseph Jouthe, Willot Joseph, Clovis Obas, Francisco De la Cruz, Wolf Papillon, François Malherbe, and citizens Hérard Morel Espérance, Daniel Ossé, among others.
The latter are accused of misappropriation of public property

Former President Privert in a letter had contested the competence of Judge Dimanche to hear him in the context of this case given that, according to him, the high dignitaries of the state report to the High Court of Justice.

Judge Al Duniel Dimanche’s term ended on January 29, 2024.

By Gazette Haiti News

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Gazette Haiti