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Jean R. Limonsard: Patrick Boisvert, an imposter who wants to trick Garry Conille

  • June 6, 2024
  • 3 Min
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Kenskoff, June 6, 2024

Patrick Boisvert, an imposter who wants to trap Doctor Garry Conille

Jean R Limonsard

Haitian people,

His name is Patrick Boisvert. Henchman of the domestic negroes of the Presidential Council, he has the “dirty mission” of ensuring that the signature of Doctor Garry Conille will not be accepted by state institutions as long as the latter refuses to give the ministries of finance, interior, justice, planning and foreign affairs to the political parties which have representatives in the Presidential Council. Mr. Boisvert, Tètkaléïste, Joveneliste and Aryelist whose relatives actively campaigned with Garry Conille to transform him into a Conilliste in order to keep him in the Ministry of Finance, is in dire straits. Mr. Boisvert already saw himself as Garry Conille’s minister. Does he fear an audit of his ministry from the new tenant of the Prime Minister’s office? Shouldn’t we remind Mr. Boisvert that he is no longer Prime Minister?

Haitian people,

Garry Conille’s decision to reduce state spending announces rigorous management of public revenue. All those who feel “Haitian” must support the new Prime Minister in this fight because it is neither legally nor ethically acceptable for political parties to want to use State resources to win elections. Dr. Conille must constantly maintain his calm to confront Boisvert the usurper and, if necessary, imprison him for refusing to obey the instructions of a Prime Minister in office.

May Boisvert, the impostor, be undeceived! He has two choices: obey the Prime Minister’s orders or go to prison!

Bald you now!

Jean R Limonsard
Kenskoff, June 2, 2024