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Journalist Nerval Pierre Viliat, hit by a stray bullet, dies

  • March 24, 2024
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Hit by a stray bullet at Delmas 19, journalist Nerval Pierre Viliat died.

The young sports journalist Nerval Pierre Viliat died this Sunday morning, March 24, at the Universitaire la Paix hospital. The colleague was hit in the stomach last Thursday by a stray bullet at Delmas 19. He ultimately died from his injuries. The information was confirmed by Echonews Sportonline media in which he worked.

“Nerval Pierre VILIAT, known to many as Vaval Le Sage, died this morning in the bed of the Paix university hospital in Delmas 33. Our journalist received a stray bullet in the stomach on Thursday March 21 in Delmas 19. Despite all the efforts made by his family to take him to Citymed hospital before arriving at the Universitaire la Paix hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet. But it was not enough. In the morning, Sunday March 24, in a voice message on WhatsApp, his younger brother and his relatives confirmed the information to us.we read in a note from Echonews Sport.

The death of Nerval Pierre Viliat adds to the long list of victims of stray bullets. Recently, John Germain Exdes, known as Ronaldinho, was also hit by a projectile that was not intended for him at Poste Marchand on March 21. He was a basketball player and 28 years old.

Last Thursday, several shots from automatic weapons were heard in the vicinity of Champ de Mars, lower Delmas as well as other neighborhoods. Several citizens reported seeing numerous projectiles falling near their homes.

Journalist Nerval Pierre Viliat hit by a stray bullet has died

Photo | Echonews sport / Facebook

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