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Justice sold at auction in the North | SPNH-17 calls for urgent action against Judge Alfred

  • May 14, 2024
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The National Police Union of Haiti (SPNH17), in a tweet published Tuesday morning, forcefully denounced allegations of judicial corruption involving Judge Alfred. According to the SPNH17, this magistrate would have sold justice to the highest bidders, thus undermining the integrity of the Haitian judicial system in the north of the country, without specifying the jurisdiction of assignment of Me Alfred.

SPNH17 stressed the importance of defending the rights of police officer Rémi Sainz, affirming that he deserved justice consistent with the principles of the Haitian judicial system.

As part of its call to action, the union encouraged police officers to block all judicial activity until a new judge enters the system, ready to make decisions according to the law and without bias .

The SPNH17 took the opportunity to ask the Minister of Justice, “if she is still in office, to take immediate measures to sanction Judge Alfred”.

The union said such action was essential to restore public confidence in the justice system and to ensure that justice was delivered in a fair and impartial manner.

2•) rush so that corrupt judges do not continue to take the judiciary hostage. Policeman Rémy Synce must get justice. The police must block all judicial activities in the jurisdiction until there is a proper judge who makes a decision on the case according to the law.
Justice does not exist without the Police!!! pic.twitter.com/znk5QcQZNf

— SPNH-17, Haitian National Police Union (@SPNH_17) May 14, 2024