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Kenny Desmangles and Polo, a new Konpa tandem with “Vakam”

  • June 6, 2024
  • 5 Min
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The Haitian music scene welcomes a new group called “Vakam”. This musical project was born from the collaboration between singers Kenny Desmangles and Paul Garry Borno, better known as Polo. It was during a press conference held on May 27 that the team officially unveiled “Vakam”.

“Kenny, aka Kennyway, and Polo, aka ThugKonpa, have joined forces to bring a fresh and exciting sound to the industry. Their music is a blend of traditional Haitian rhythms with modern styles, creating a unique and captivating experience for all and music fanatics.”, indicates a press release on the group’s official website.

Kenny Desmangles, recognized singer and composer, has left his mark on the Haitian music industry with numerous successes. A former member of groups such as New York Allstars, 509 and Zenglen, he founded the group K-Niway in November 2017, with which he released an album in July 2019.

Paul Garry Borno, alias Polo, distinguished himself with the group Zin, notably thanks to the song “Ou jwenn bout mwen”. Although his time with Zin was brief, Polo continued his successful career, later joining Dola Mizik under the management of Jean Max Valcourt, before becoming a member of Djakout Mizik. With this group, Polo scored several hits like “Mwen pap dòmi deyò”, “Bag la”, “Peché” and “Nan ki sa pran m la”.

A few days ago, Kenny and Polo surprised their audience by announcing the release of their new track “Vagabon”, marking the official launch of “Vakam”. The video for this song, where the voices of Kenny and Polo harmonize, has already sparked reactions among music fans.

“We are thrilled to finally be able to share our music with the world,” said Kenny and Polo. “‘Vakam’ is a project born from our love for music, and we can’t wait for everyone to experience it. »

During an interview during the press conference for the presentation of the group “Vakam”, Kenny Desmangles also took the opportunity to explain the end of his previous group, K-Niway, after his departure from Zenglen.

“With K-Niway, it was a bit difficult because the group was based in Haiti and everyone knows the situation in the country. I couldn’t travel with the musicians, nor ask them to return to Haiti. That made me feel uncomfortable. I had to let the musicians disperse to take care of their families,” he explained.

In the press release which announced the release of the song “Vakabon”, the new tandem of Compass presented itself as “a fusion of culture, fashion and energy” that is poised to “take the Haitian music industry by storm and ‘get moving’ music lovers.

Here is the link to the title and video “Vakabon” by the group Vakam

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Ravensley Boisrond