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Knyan police officers expected in Haiti by the end of May

  • May 5, 2024
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Kenyan police officers expected in Haiti by the end of May, the United States ensures the construction of its base in the country

Ravensley Boisrond

12 hrs ago

Kenyan soldiers. Photo: AFP

Nearly a year after Kenya announced plans to send police officers to Haiti, the first deployment is now reportedly scheduled for the end of May.

“The United States and Kenya plan to send the first troops to Haiti as President Ruto arrives in Washington for his state visit on May 23 – the first for an African head of state since 2008,” he said. reported American journalist Jake Johnston on X (formerly Twitter).

According to information from the American journalist, the Kenyan and American governments suggest that the first flights to Haiti, scheduled for May 23, could carry around 200 Kenyan police officers. Troops from CARICOM countries could also be deployed. However, the Bahamian foreign minister has suggested that the deployment will take place on May 26, also with 150 Bahamian troops.

As the deployment date approaches, which is less than a month away, concerns remain over the housing conditions of Kenyan officers. However, Kenyan media reports say the United States is committed to building a base to house the multinational force

The Pentagon, part of the US Department of Defense, is working to make the facility operational within the next three weeks, after contacting the Haitian government, asking them to provide protection for the Department of Defense’s private security contractors. Defense of the United States (PSC) if they were to be the subject of a hostile attack during their contractual duties at Toussaint Louverture International Airport, Le Nouvelliste revealed.

Remember that at least 16 countries have expressed their willingness to join the Kenyan mission to help Haiti fight against armed gangs.

Countries set to join the Kenyan mission in Haiti include nations from the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Africa, and more.

Here is the list of countries that have expressed their commitment to the mission:

  • Kenya (Africa), Bahamas (Caribbean), Jamaica (Caribbean), Spain (Europe), Belize (Central America), Italy (Europe), Antigua and Barbuda (Caribbean), Senegal (Africa), Mongolia (Asia), Suriname (South America), Guatemala (Central America), Peru (South America) and Barbados (Caribbean), Benin (West Africa), Bangladesh (South Asia), Chad (Landlocked country).

The US and Kenya plan to have the first troops in Haiti by the time President Ruto arrives in Washington, DC for his May 23 state visit — the first for an African head of state since 2008.

— Jake Johnston (@JakobJohnston) April 29, 2024

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Kenyan police officers expected in Haiti by the end of May, the United States ensures the construction of its base in the country

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