Kylian Mbappé signs for Real Madrid: Fabrizio Romano confirms the transfer

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_The soap opera that has captivated the world of football for almost seven years is finally coming to an end: Kylian Mbappé is preparing to join Real Madrid. According to the latest information provided by the famous transfer specialist, Fabrizio Romano, the star striker of PSG has made the decision to leave the club in the French capital to join that of the Spanish capital._

After months, if not years, of speculation and rumors, the long-awaited transfer is about to come to fruition. Real Madrid’s Champions League victory only added to the club’s appeal for Mbappé, and the signing of his contract would have already taken place the day after this European coronation.

Unlike a traditional transfer, this transaction will be a free arrival for Mbappé, meaning that he will join Real Madrid without the latter having to pay a transfer fee. According to information relayed by L’Equipe, the formalization of this signing is planned for this Monday, thus confirming the start of a new era for the young French prodigy.

Despite this imminent announcement, Mbappé will remain focused on his obligations with the French national team for the Euro. After the competition and a few well-deserved days of rest, he will head to Madrid to prepare for the next season. This decision marks a major turning point in Mbappé’s career and promises to bring new dynamics to the European football landscape.