Lack of international friendly match, Dominican Women’s Football team requires more attention and support

By Désilien Hendy

Dominican Republic, June 6, 2024- _The Dominican women’s football team has made an urgent appeal to the Dominican Football Federation (Sedofútbol) for more support and attention. By a press release published this Thursday via the Twitter account of their captain, Lucía Marte. Players express critical need for financial assistance and a consistent training schedule to prepare for future FIFA competitions._

An Already Complicated Year

_“This year we have already missed two FIFA windows and we are worried that we will not meet for the rest of the year due to the lack of scheduled competitions. This is deeply alarming, especially since after the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, we went an entire year without participating in any FIFA dates”_states the national team press release.

Captain Lucía Marte highlighted that the lack of competitions has a direct impact on the players’ performances during tournaments, as was the case during qualifying for the last edition of the Gold Cup.

Competition Challenges

“When we finally came together, we only had two windows of preparation for Gold Cup qualifying. The lack of preparation was evident in our performance, losing our first qualifying match. However, throughout the qualifications and with continuity, we improved on the mistakes of the first match and successfully qualified for the Gold Cup.”explains the press release.

The Best Moment in the History of Dominican Women’s Football

Dominican women’s football is currently experiencing the best moment in its history. In October, the country will host the U-17 World Cup. Last February, the senior team qualified for the Gold Cup for the first time and was promoted to LEAGUE A. These successes highlight the potential and growth of the sport in the Dominican Republic. However, the team is concerned that recent decisions and a lack of continued financial support could jeopardize this progress.

Call for Coherence and Commitment

“These achievements highlight the potential and growth of our sport in the Dominican Republic. But we fear that recent decisions and the lack of continued financial support could put this progress at risk.”adds the document.

The women’s team emphasizes the importance of regular FIFA training dates for their development. They make it possible to integrate new players, perfect their skills and improve their international ranking. In order to get better chances of qualifying for the World Cup.

“We aspire to create a consistent training program for the national team, even during non-competition years. This consistency is vital not only to our success, but also to the growth of football in the Dominican Republic and to establishing our presence on the world stage”supports the team.

Through this press release, also addressed to supporters and future sponsors, the women’s team recognizes the financial challenges but emphasizes the urgency of finding solutions to guarantee continued support.

“It is a priority to ensure that no team in the federation is left without support”concludes the team.

This request from the Dominican women’s soccer team is a call to action for all stakeholders involved in the development of sports in the Dominican Republic, in order to maintain and encourage future success.