List of the Ecuadorian selection to face the Grenadières!

Photo: EFE

For the double confrontation between Ecuador and Haiti in a friendly on May 31 and June 4, the Ecuadorian federation has communicated the list of players summoned.

A list composed largely of players playing in the Ecuadorian championship. There are two who play in Brazilian football, the same number for the USA and Spain and one in the Argentinian championship. Note Buene, those who play in the Spanish championship are not in elite clubs.

The list:
Ashley Macias (Newels, Argentine)
Kathya Mendoza (Ind. Del Valle)
Andréa Morán (Leones Del Norte
Liceth Suarez (LDU of Quito)
Danna Pesantéz (Red Bull, Brazil)
Mayerli Rodriguez (Ind. Del Valle)
Analyze Zambrano (Ind. del Valle)

Carla Capuro ( Barcelona SC)
Emily Arias (Ind. Del Valle)
Milagro Barahona (Catholic University)
Nayely Bolanos (Ind. Del Valle)
Nicole Charcopa (Santos, Brazil)
Tamara Angulo (Leones Del Norte)
Manoly Baquerizo (Deportiva Cacereno, Spain)
Justine Cuadra (Barcelona SC)
Ligia Moreira ( EF Alshama, Spain)
Jocelyn Spinales ( National At., Colombia)

Stefany Cedeno (Barcelona SC)
Karen Letardo (Ind. Del Valle)
Pink Flowers (Northern Lions)
Karen Flores (CSU Bakesfield, USA)
Kaira Couser (KC Courage, USA)
Josenka Vélez (LDU Quito).

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