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LOEA expresses its support for the Presidential Council and calls on stakeholders to respect the approach

  • April 3, 2024
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The Organization of American States adopted a resolution this Wednesday, April 3, 2024, in which it shows its support for the Presidential Council. The OAS calls on this council to appoint a prime minister once installed and asks the protagonists to respect the process.

In this resolution, the OAS says it “welcomes the decision to install a Presidential Transitional Council composed of representatives of various political groups, civil society and the private sector, responsible for overseeing the transition process, guaranteeing continuity governance and collaborate with international partners, including for the accelerated deployment of the Multinational Security Support Mission (MSS), authorized in accordance with resolution S/RES/2699 (2023) and confirmed by resolution CP/ RES. 1237 (2469/23) of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States (OAS).”

The organization encourages “the Transitional Presidential Council, once established in accordance with the terms of the declaration of March 11, 2024, to proceed with the appointment of an interim Prime Minister and an inclusive Council of Ministers; to establish selection criteria for a representative and impartial provisional electoral council in order to organize inclusive, free, fair and credible legislative and presidential elections as soon as security conditions in the country permit; and to adopt measures to promote stability, peace, security and the rule of law in Haiti, as well as for the implementation of resolution S/RES/2699 (2023) and the Sanctions Committee established by the UN Security Council resolution S/RES/2653 (2022). »

Also, the OAS calls on all stakeholders to respect the terms of the declaration of March 11, 2024 which provides for the establishment of the presidential council, and to work jointly to achieve their objectives with a view to restoring security, the State of law and democracy for the well-being of all Haitians.

The Organization of American States calls on “the international community, including member states and permanent observers of the OAS, to continue to support Haiti in its democratic transition, in particular through financial assistance, technical knowledge and contributions to the MSS, as well as the technical strengthening and infrastructure of the National Identification Office of Haiti, within the framework of the OAS Civil Identity Universalization Program (PUICA), in preparation for the elections, taking into account recognizes the importance of coordinating these efforts, including through the International Security Assistance Coordination Group (ISACG), in accordance with the principles of regional solidarity and international cooperation. »

Furthermore, the OAS encourages member states and permanent observers to consider providing immediate and adequate support to Haiti’s security forces to restore conditions of peace and stability, by dismantling criminal gangs and/or gangs and by providing massive humanitarian assistance, as appropriate.

By: Daniel Zéphyr

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Gazette Haiti