Lorvends Délinois: The New Haitian Prodigy of the Inter Miami Academy

Couple Hendy Desilien

Haitian football is seeing the emergence of a new rising star, Lorvends Délinois. At only 18 years old, this young left winger has already traveled an impressive path which has led him to the academy of Inter Miami, a prestigious club managed by David Beckham.

A Promising Journey

Lorvends Délinois began his training at the Mercure club, where his talents quickly attracted attention. His refined technique, his lightning speed and his combativeness on the pitch have earned him a reputation as a promising young player. After proving himself at Mercure, Lorvends joined Violette AC, one of the flagship teams in Haitian football. Within the Violette AC youth teams, he stood out for his remarkable performances, positioning himself as one of the club’s most promising prospects.

From Haiti to the International

Lorvends’ career took a big turn when he left Haiti to play with Island United. With this team he won the championship Madan Gougousse, once again demonstrating his enormous talent on the pitch. His dribbling skills, superior technique and powerful shots from outside the box made him a player feared by his opponents.

Today, Lorvends Délinois took a crucial step in his career by joining the Inter Miami academy. A player with incredible speed and a formidable right foot, he has all the qualities to shine at the highest level. His hard work and remarkable performances allowed him to win several individual titles, whether with Mercure or Violette AC.

The Promising Future of Lorvends Délinois

At just 18 years old, Lorvends Délinois is already making a name for himself in the world of football. His integration into Inter Miami is a recognition of his exceptional potential and his natural talent. This young Haitian prodigy has a bright future, and there is no doubt that he will soon be a valuable asset for the national teams, whether in U20, U23 or even among the seniors.

Lorvends Délinois embodies the hope and pride of Haitian football. His career, marked by successes and distinctions, testifies to his determination and his talent. As he continues his development at the Inter Miami academy, football fans are eagerly waiting to see how far this young prodigy can go.