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Luis Abinader had closed the northern border of the DR at the request of Doctor Ariel Henry

  • May 9, 2024
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Former Prime Minister Ariel Henry asked Dominican President Luis Abinader to close the northern border of the Dominican Republic

During a meeting held on Tuesday, May 7 with Dominican journalists, the president Luis Abinader revealed that former Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, asked him to close the northern border of the Dominican Republic in order to stop the construction of the canal that a private group had started to divert the waters of the Massacre or Dajabón River towards its own lands.

Also in his statements, Luis Abinader detailed that this private group wanted to use the waters for its own benefit in an exclusive way, and Henry’s government opposed this, because it would not benefit the Haitians living in this area.

During this meeting the Dominican leader spoke about the internal situation in Haiti. He said the government expects the deployment of Kenyan military forces from May 26, and he has information that specialized military personnel have been hired to control the Port-au-Prince international airport.

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